Ordinary Sand-Excavating Ship


General Product Information:

1. Sand-excavating ship is also called sand dredger, sand-excavating machinery, grilled king, as the name suggests that sand mining tools, more for mobile operation. Inland river sand capacity of dozens of tons, sand-excavating ship to thousands of tons. Floating body adopts assembled type box structure. Equipped with mining equipment, screening equipment, lifting device, transmission device, etc. By power device drive scoop feeding, stones by screening of the conveyor belt, sand by the conveyor belt to the designated place.2. Single transfer sand-excavating, double ship transfer sand-excavating, three transfer sand-excavating ship ship, four transmitting sand-excavating, water wheel sand-excavating ship, the small shelf sand-excavating, hard riverbed sand-excavating ship, tao iron sand-excavating, gold sand-excavating ship, ordinary sand-excavating, sand-excavating ship.3. Method of use: (1) To check the whole mechanical transmission system and the machine oil beforestarting up, then pull back conveyor belt of the diesel engine, pull open the clutch, launch a diesel engine, slowly moving loose clutch, set the speed to normal. Before a zipper bucket of diesel. Launch front zipper bucket of diesel engine.(2) After two diesel engine starting. Set the speed to need speed. Then loosen the brake arm. It down slowly, such as hopper in the sand, when more than 2/3 can stop down, stay to a third under the big arm. When the big arm and the water into a 45 degree Angle (5 meters), should be parked big arms. The hopper in the sand how many switch to traction control, forward to see what inside bucket of sand and calm, move back to flexible, in case of sand bed landslide mechanical work hard or pull to traction rope loosen when not moving, the boat back, until dig move. Under water in the rock or mud, the ship have experienced severe vibration phenomenon, should immediately filed sand-excavating arm at this moment, avoid obstacles.


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